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The Sacred Thread explores the original context and culture of the Bible through a worldwide journey to uncover its meaning. 
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The Sacred Thread is a groundbreaking original series + film taking people on a worldwide adventure to uncover the original context of the Bible.  

 The series brings context to life with sound biblical teaching that’s conversational in nature, easy-to-understand, and compelling to both Christian and non-Christian audiences. On par with the likes of National Geographic, it's the highest quality docuseries that's ever been done on the Bible. 

 With plans for seven seasons and beyond, this global series will change the way millions of people engage the Word of God all around the world.

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For nearly two decades, Brad Gray’s powerful teachings have impacted hundreds of thousands of people through a contextual approach to the Bible. Furthermore, his ability to teach complex ideas in easy-to-understand and creative ways has enabled him to reach audiences of all ages and backgrounds across the world. 

Bringing a rich understanding of the original text, as well as extensive experience traveling the lands of the Bible, Brad serves as our Sacred Thread series guide who sets the table and invites the audience in. He has lived and studied in the Middle East, and has been leading study trips to Israel and Turkey since 2010. Furthermore, he is a national speaker, published author, ordained minister, and former teaching pastor with over a decade of experience serving in the local church. 

Brad serves as the President & CEO of Walking The Text, creator of The Sacred Thread.

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We have an unparalleled opportunity to change the way hundreds of thousands , if not millions, of people from all walks of life engage the Bible for years to come. We are excited to create this ground-breaking, original series that changes the way people engage the Bible and gives the next generation a reason to follow Jesus. You are invited to become a Sacred Partner with us and help to bring this amazing project to life. Together we can make it happen!
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