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The Sacred Thread explores the original context and culture of the Bible through a worldwide journey to uncover its meaning. Watch the trailer now.

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Context is everything — without it, we can miss important meaning and get confused. The Bible is a prime example of the importance of context, and yet so many of us don’t know how to read the Bible through the lenses of its original context. 

 The Sacred Thread takes us through the ancient biblical world with exploration of famous locations, interviews with experts, and never-before-seen cinematic visuals of maps, historical figures, and painted scenes. 

 In Season 1, we are exploring the Lord’s Prayer, the most well-known prayer in human history. In each episode, we'll take you through a piece of the prayer, going on a journey spanning the globe and going back in time to fully uncover the depths of context that live within these words. 

 The first season is in development, and you’ll be able to watch Season 1 in 2024 on mainstream streaming platforms. The first episode of Season 1 is available now to watch as Exclusive Preview here on our site. Sign up to gain access and be notified whenever additional content is available!

About Brad

Brad Gray is a national speaker, study trip leader, and Bible expert whose lifework has centered on helping people understand the original context of the Bible. Brad serves as our series guide, inviting us in and bringing a rich knowledge of the original text, as well as extensive experience traveling the lands of the Bible. He also serves as the President and CEO of Walking The Text, the organization behind the creation of The Sacred Thread.

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We have an unparalleled opportunity to change the way hundreds of thousands , if not millions, of people from all walks of life engage the Bible for years to come. We are excited to create this ground-breaking, original series that changes the way people engage the Bible and gives the next generation a reason to follow Jesus. You are invited to become a Sacred Partner with us and help to bring this amazing project to life. Together we can make it happen!
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